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Friday, 05 June 2020 15:47

LTTC sponsors animal charity

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Sitting in a crowded cafe surrounded by friends may be a distant memory at the moment for many people worldwide affected by the Coronus virus. Many cafes and restaurants are now empty and their customers are eating at home. One aspect of this may not be realised by many of us.... For dogs,cats and other homeless animals, the cafes and restaurants were their main source of food and they survived on the scraps left by the humans who visited there. Now this has gone and these animals are left with nothing. It doesn't have to happen. We can stop it. Please help us give these animals a chance. Together we can save them from starvation, sickness and death. Help for Paws is a group of ordinary people who care. Join us and we promise that every penny you send will go to feed, treat and rescue these desperate animals.
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