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Worldwide Partner Schools

If you are interested in attending one of our partner schools, please contact them directly.

Click on a region below for more information on partner schools in your area:

Become an LTTC Partner School

Are you interested in becoming one of our successful Partner Schools worldwide? You can meet the ever increasing demand for English language teachers by offering LTTC courses in the classroom. Please contact us for more information.

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Meeting Romulo from Far Eastern University

"It was lovely to finally meet Romulo, our partner from Far Eastern University in the Philippines." Dr. Vannuffel

2014 LTTC Conference

We held a very successful conference at the Grosvenor Hotel in London attended by TQUK and several key partner schools.


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Staff Training

Over the years we have helped many organisations and bodies in training their staff. These include the following :

  • Brentfield Primary School Neasdon London
  • Budmouth College Weymouth
  • Casterton School
  • Clapham manor Primary School
  • Devon and Cornwall Probation Service
  • Dunun Academy Doncaster
  • The Education Department of the Bangkok Archdiocese Thailand
  • First Steps Children Centre
  • Flying Cows Recruitment Services
  • Hamilton Community College Leicester
  • Hue Help Volunteers Vietnam
  • Lincolnshire County Council
  • Manchester College Her Majesty's Prison Service Lindholme
  • Prisoners Education Trust
  • Our Lady's Convent High School Hackney London
  • St George’s School Montreux Switzerland
  • St Mary's School, Cambridge
  • TM Volunteers Thailand
  • Trades Union Congress TUC
  • HMP Forestbank
TEFL Staff Training
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LTTC TEFL Certificates

Every graduate of the London Teacher Training College receives a certificate, which is recognised by employers and governments around the world.

LTTC give two different types of award certificates, depending on whether the course is endorsed by TQUK. Please view our sample certificates below.

LTTC Sample Certificate

Sample LTTC Certificate

LTTC Sample Certificate

Sample LTTC award endorsed by TQUK

LTTC Sample Certificate

Sample OFQUAL Regulated Award

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Meet Our Principal

Dr. Phyllis Vannuffel is the Founder and Principal of the London Teacher Training College.She has been involved in teaching English as a foreign language since 1975 and has taught in more than eight countries. Her career has included preparing and examining large numbers of trainee teachers at both certificate and diploma level for Trinity College London TESOL courses. She has been an examiner for the Cambridge suite of UCLES exams and also been a Cambridge item writer.

She is also a published author at both primary and secondary levels including Crackerjack books one and two and Tombola -Communication games for teenagers.

She has acted as a consultant to publishers such as Longman and Oxford University Press and has been a contributor to professional journals such as 'English Teaching Professional' and the IATEFL newsletter as well as AGENDA, the ARELS quarterly bulletin. She has given talks and workshops on a variety of TEFL related topics at locations such as the IATEFL conference in Edinburgh and Brighton, ARELS, and The Oxford House Teachers' Club.

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Meet Our Students

Several of our past TEFL students have been kind enough to share their experiences with the LTTC.

Rene Rizk

Rene Rizk

Studying with the London Teacher Training College is a great opportunity for career development for ESL teachers.

I had the chance to study with LTTC through their representative in Jeddah, Mrs. Ayat Islam. Her guidance helped open many doors and made sure I was on he right track in my career development. Mrs. Islam sets very high academic standards for us as teachers. My experience of the Certificate in TEFL and Diploma in TESOL courses was enriching.

It is such an amazing chance for any teacher to master his/her career and discover new challenges. Thank you LTTC, for creating a pathway for a better academic career. And thank you Mrs. Ayat Islam, “my coach and mentor”, for all your great efforts.


Rufo Jr Nale Dublin

I have taken Diploma in TESOL in Saudi Arabia with LTTC partner school UA Educational Insights. The course provides a very accommodating and friendly environment. The tutor, Mrs. Ayat, has been very helpful since I started my module. The knowledge and skills I acquired from LTTC will certainly open a greater opportunity for me to become more effective and efficient member of the teaching workforce. I would like to take this chance to say "THANK YOU" for turning my dreams into reality! Kudos to LTTC and UA Educational Insights !!

Rania Mrad

Rania Mrad

I would like to thank Educational Insights, represented by Mrs. Ayat Islam ,for her tutelage, advice, and guidance during this year. Working with her helped me so much in my own teaching, and will continue to inspire me. I thank her for being such a great mentor and a great instructor!

Many thanks to LONDON TEACHER TRAINING COLLEGE! Taking these training courses has been a transformational educational experience. I definitely learned so much, not only on the materials in these courses, but also on how to become an English professional instructor, speaker and researcher.


Rehab Abdulsalam

Thank you Ayat and all at LTTC;

Why I chose and now recommend LTTC to potential students, who want a truly Professional TESOL & TEFL Certification

I recommend LTTC, not only for the extra credibility that having a Diploma in TESOL certificate brings, but also for the hands-on experience gained, learning English in an interactive and fun way through practical sessions. I now have a new career and a bright financial future as a TESOL accredited teacher!

LTTC also provided the opportunity for me to spend time working with experienced teachers, teaching English to residents. TESOL training provider offers regular, twice weekly, real classroom teaching experience for their students. However, because they are so involved in practical teaching, their training is based on real experience and is constantly updated. I can’t speak too highly of their professionalism and real care. The techniques taught are as varied as the students and cultures themselves will be when you get out and teach yourself. It is great preparation!

At this point, I am sold on your establishment, credentials and absolute professionalism! I just have one thing to say. THANK YOU!

Gary Young

Gary Young

I am Gary Young from South Africa and have now been living and teaching in China for 13 years. I completed my TEFL certificate years ago with LTTC and have found it invaluable in the knowledge that I gained to teach my students and as a part if my CV. After that, in 2007, I studied the Diploma in TESOL but did not complete the course as my mom became gravely ill and passed away . I then went blind and had major eye surgery! In the process I forgot about the course. Recently, I remembered I had paid for the course and sent an email to LTTC. They welcomed me back with open arms, without asking me for an extra penny. Seb was assigned as my tutor/guide and with his wonderful encouragement and help I completed my course last week. As it is accredited, I feel it has great value and this will enable me to be much more valuable to my students. Not mentioning the value it carries when I apply for a new job . I highly recommend this course to anyone who loves their career as a teacher of English to students of other languages.

Kate Roberts

Kate Roberts

Hi, I'm Kate Roberts.I'm currently studying for my Diploma in TESOL as I plan to go abroad in a couple of years to teach in Turkey. I currently work full time as a Connexions Personal Advisor working with 'hard to reach' young people between the age of 13-19. I also teach A' level Psychology at an evening class.I studied for a BA (hons) Psychology at University of Wales, Bangor and an MA in Forensic Psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. I worked for 2 years as a drug worker in South Yorkshire before moving to my current job. I love working with people and find teach very rewarding.

Ildiko Elo

Ildiko Elo

I am Ildiko Elo from Hungary. I have got BA in History of Art, TESOL Certificate, TEYL Certificate, Teaching Medical English Certificate, Anatomy - Biology Diploma, Travel Guide Certificate.

I have just finished the M.A. in TESOL course. I am waiting for the graduation ceremony.

Firstly, I would like to thank Mr. Jake White, my tutor, for his help and for his encouragement throughout the period I was writing my dissertation.

Secondly, I would like to thank to all of the tutors of the course who offered me their help whenever I needed it.

Last but not least, a great "thank you" to Sally Marshall for being very helpful.

Audrey Lawe-Lavrut

Audrey Lawe-Lavrut

I have received my beautiful Diploma this morning graded as Distinction. My wish is to move on to the MA TESOL but I need to find a job first.

I thoroughly enjoyed the TESOL course; it was hard work but extremely rewarding. The course was excellent and my instructor Tim Simmons was highly competent, very helpful and genuine. He addressed my concerns and questions promptly.

I have now completed the course, thanks be to God, to my supportive partner, the genuine help of my instructor Tim, and the efforts that I have put into it.

I highly recommend the LTTC to anyone looking to gain accredited TESOL .The course is a life-long opportunity, very enriching, challenging and professional. Many thanks also to Sally for being very helpful.

Ian Grigg

Ian Grigg

Hi, I'm Ian Grigg from Hampshire in England . I began studying for my Dip TESOL with LTTC in June 2005 and worked through to completion in December. During the last 6 ½ months I could be found studying into the early hours of the morning on several occasions, searching for relevant material to include in my essays or reading the course material over and again to gain clarification of certain points

My knowledge of English has been lost somewhere over time, and one of the major rewards I gained from this course was the reacquisition of this knowledge and much more I never knew. I am now looking forward to sharing this knowledge and start down a new career path in the field of teaching, and feel it proper to express my appreciation to LTTC in enabling me to achieve the success I have in this course. Tim Simmons' comments were inspiring; and were very much a reward in themselves, and Sally Marshall remains a very calming voice when frustration kicks in.

I would whole-heartedly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in studying TESOL and I now look forward to starting the dip TBE in the near future.

Anna Gorizontova

Anna Gorizontova

I'm Anna Gorizontova from Moscow, Russia. I've got an MA in History and Foreign Languages (Moscow State University, 1984) and PhD in History (1990, Russian Academy of Sciences). I taught History and English to tertiary students and did some research for nearly 10 years after the University. When in the early 90-ies the life in Russia changed dramatically, I had, as many other people of my age and background, to look for other ways of earning my living and finally landed in educational publishing. So, for the last 9 years I have been working for different British ELT publishing houses in Russia. I enjoy working in publishing, but recently I realised how much I missed teaching. I think, teaching Business English is something I would really love to do next in my professional life. I soon as I had understood that I started looking for a concise, but yet a dense course to cover both general methodology issues and some specific areas of Business English teaching, like needs analysis, designing short specialist cour ses, etc. I found everything I was looking for in the LTCC Diploma in TBE course.


Regarding the course itself, I have been impressed. Initially skepticalabout undertaking a course such as this without attending regular classes I thought I would struggle to understand the content but my worries were soon alleviated. The course notes are thorough and there is always someone on hand to answer questions. Tim and the school have always responded to mye-mails within 24 hours which re-inforces the fact that there is support out there for me if I need it.The flexibility of the course enabled me to work entirely at my own pace so I could continue working in my normal capacity as a HR Administrator. I have gained such a lot of knowledge and hope that someday soon, once I get in some practice, the Dip (TESOL) will be my passport to the world!



Hi! I am Olga from Moscow. I have graduated from the Teacher Training University and have been working as an English Language Teacher for over four years. I really enjoy teaching and find it a great, exciting and very rewarding profession. I worked as an EFL teacher in Russia, England and USA teaching students of different ages, levels and nationalities.I often visit seminars and trainings for teachers to enlarge my background knowledge in teaching techniques and I am really thankful to LTTC for giving a wonderful opportunityto improve my teaching skills and learn a lot of new and interesting things about English Language Teaching in the most suitable way.

Pauline Carne

Pauline Carne

For the past few years I have been thinking about moving away from Northern Ireland, (not just because of the weather, I might add!), and this year, following a holiday in Spain, I made up my mind to try and achieve a Diploma in TESOL.

I applied to LTTC, and from the word "go", I have been delighted by the professional way this online Diploma course has been delivered.

I was very nervous about the idea of doing a Diploma without actually attending lectures, but the study notes were brilliant, and once I started to receive my grades, I knew that I had made the right decision and chosen the right course.

My assigned tutor was Tim Simmons and I was encouraged by how quickly he graded my assignments. Tim's feedback was always very positive and this helped me to gain my confidence very quickly.

The course itself was very challenging and interesting, and although I managed to complete modules 1, 2, & 3 without support, I was delighted to find that once I needed assistance (in module 4), it was right there for me, instantly. (How good is that?) I really want to thank Tim and Sally Marshall for all their help.

Now I am looking forward to finding a teaching post and getting the chance to show off my newly acquired TESOL teaching skills and underpinning knowledge.

I would certainly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to enrol in a quality Diploma with a reputable Training Centre.

Robert Chan

Robert Chan

Challenging, Fast Growing and Most Rewarding TESOL. I can never thank Tim Simmons and the LTTC enough to help me to achieve what everyone thought was out of my reach. During a recent visit to Hong Kong from Australia, my mother-in-law laughed when I told the family I want to become a teacher. She laughed not because she doubted my ability, but I am closer to her age than my wife's. She is very proud of her daughter who is a well qualified teacher. Now, I am at the final stage of my course after 6 months of solid, yet enjoyable work, I am laughing quietly within myself. Yes, I have earned myself a ticket to freedom, freedom to choose a job that suits me, freedom to travel to exotic places with my family and enjoy a reasonably good standard of living in plenty of paid holiday time.

Kevin Drummond

Kevin Drummond

I recently graduated with a TESOL Diploma.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank LTTC in enabling me to obtain my Diploma in TESOL recently.

My life after school started in the military where I trained as a paramedic and pharmacist. After that I went into retail marketing for many years, involved in sales and training for well known corporations. Growing tired of life passing me by, I ventured into the world of commercial diving and spent many years diving on oilrigs and diamond diving on the west coast of Africa. After taking off a year to travel around the world and searching for purpose and meaning I went to Japan, where I taught English. This had such an impact on me that I knew this was definitely my calling.

After returning home I promptly applied to do my Diploma in TESOL, which I have now completed. I realise now, more than ever, that this is definitely what I want to do as it is extremely fulfilling. It offers me an opportunity to help people all round the world and improve their quality of life sometimes in a big way and sometimes in a small way. I now know I can give something back and make a difference.

Kevin Drummond

Nazish Zaffar

Nazish Zaffar

Hi, I am Nazish Zaffar from Pakistan. I have 13 years experience of teaching English as a compulsory subject to High School students, in an institution run by Irish Nuns. Looking for a good institution to study futher,I was lucky to have found LTTC and just recently completed my Certificate course in TEFL with them. I found it so interesting and informative, that I decided to study further and am currently taking my Diploma in TESOL. It's challenging course and needs a lot of hard work but the encouraging remarks by the tutors, make it worthwhile. My experience with the institution and the staff has been excellent and I would highly recommend anyone interested in taking an English Teaching course, to study with LTTC.




I was born in Sicily but grew up in New York. Ever since I can remember, I've enjoyed teaching so I decided to enrol in the LTTC.last year I completed the Certificate in TEYLT and I am currently on the TESOL Diploma course.

Antony Martiniani

Antony Martiniani

I'm 39 years old and I live and work in Tokushima, Japan. I am a professional English Teacher with a wonderful personality and a lot of energy. My field of experience over the past 17 years has given me the right attitude towards teaching. I have worked with students at the kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school levels. This included providing individual, small group and whole class instruction to students with meticulous leaning environments, and multiple learning activities in a stimulating atmosphere. I value individuality, and strive to meet the needs of each students and schools over the years. To accomplish this, I use a variety of hands-on activities and different teaching strategies to accommodate diverse learning styles. I also recognize the importance of trust, and successfully established relationships with students that resulted in a safe and comfortable, yet challenging, learning environment. In addition, I hold valuable group management skills and developed positive interactive lessons to suit any learner. I feel that I have all the right qualities and as a former language learner myself. I also feel confident that I can pass on the effectiveness of learning a language for the first time because of my experiences, not just in the education sector but also as part of my experience during my youth. As both of my parents and many of my friends and acquaintances are from different cultures, I strive to help people of all nations and nationalities achieve their goals regarding English as global means of communication. That's one of the reason I continue to study and keep up to date with my English.

I first came across LTTC January of 2005. Since then I have taken various courses and have without a doubt enjoyed each one very much. I have found the courses at LTTC original, challenging, stimulating and extremely worth doing. The Teacher support was overwhelming and have recommend LTTC to all of my teaching colleagues. Finally. I will finish my education with the LTTC M.A. TESOL as soon as I find the money.

Thank You LTTC

Best regards

Mr.Antony Martiniani Shinomiya


I was born in England and have always loved learning foreign languages and travelling. I have previously lived and worked in Germany and South Africa gaining a good knowledge of German and Afrikaans whilst living there. My family and I moved to Nanjing in the People's Republic of China in January 2002. I spent my first four months studying Mandarin full time at Nanjing International University. The course was difficult but really interesting and I met lots of other students from all over the world. I am now reasonably proficient in Mandarin. I was then asked to teach conversational English to Chinese employees of a multinational company in Nanjing. The course was very successful but extremely difficult for me as I had no previous teaching experience. I therefore decided to enrol with LTTC and gained my TEFL Certificate which has helped me a lot by giving me more confidence in the classroom. I am currently studying for a Diploma in TBE which will enhance my skills and job opportunities a great deal. I am glad I chose to study with LTTC as I have found my courses to be both thorough and practical and the staff are always quick to help me with any queries.

Jodie Zhao

Jodie Zhao

Diploma in Teaching Business English, LTTC, UK.

Bushra Tarar

Bushra Tarar

Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages , LTTC, UK.


Carole Millington

Hi, my name is Carole Millington and I've recently began studying for my TESOL with LTTC. I hope to teach English in Asia in the very near future. I am a proud mother of two and my second grand child is due shortly. Since 1997 I have been involved in the regulatory review of personal pensions, which was something I go into on a temporary basis but has turned out to be more permanent than I intended. I have a first class honours degree in Mathematics and Computing (1994) and a Diploma in Computing (1993). After graduating I was the prime carer for my invalid mother who sadly died in 1996. Carole has now completed her Diploma in Tesol - here are her comments dated 19th July 03: Can I take this opportunity to say that I found the course both enjoyable and comprehensive and would have no hesitation in recommending LTTC to others. Even more impressive was the quality of service you provide which was nothing short of superb.

Indrit Bulku

Indrit Bulku

Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages , dip TBE.

Peter Billington

Peter Billington

When the course books arrived in the post my first thoughts were, "How on earth am I going to get through all this?!?" But the truth is this is a very well balanced course which I have found fascinating, challenging and thoroughly rewarding.

At times it has been quite demanding, both in terms of time and effort; at other times it has been quite inspirational (I have now developed an amateur interest in psychology!); and sometimes it has been (for a native speaker) a little unnerving - I found myself reaching for my grammar books quite often!! But apart from being an illuminating course it is also very supportive and well graded.

Now that I am, I shan't say the end of my studies because one thing I have learned on this course is that the learning process is an ongoing one; but now that I have completed the course can I say that it has all been worth it? Well, having been offered my first teaching position less than 2 weeks after being awarded my diploma, I think the answer is a resounding YES!!!! Especially helpful for me were the further reading lists, they helped me to decide what to read and when. The support I received, in particular from the admin team, was first class. Do I have any complaints? Only one- that there is no alumni association is a shame. I now look forward to the next challenge- the diploma in Teaching Business English!






I am a 'Kiwi', a New Zealander working in England as a TEFL tutor for the next 18 months and have been teaching English in both Turkey and Taiwan for the past 6 years, 3 years in each country. I have 3 children and 3 grandchildren and like to study, hence why I doing this Masters through LTTC.


Other Testimonials

"I am an ESL teacher in Seoul South Korea. I wanted to learn more about modern teaching methods so decided to enroll in the London Teacher Training Centre. I found the modules to be a lot of work but the work is very interesting and definitely worth the time involved. More importantly, the four modules are very practical. The modules take you step by step through; modern teaching methods, teaching aids, lesson plans, syllabus planning, grammar, phonetics and linguistics. Every module is necessary for ESL teaching".

"The staff was extremely helpful and promptly answered any correspondence I had with them. My tutor was very encouraging and when I had a problem with the work he quickly made suggestions that solved the problem".

"The thesis does require a lot work. At first, the thesis seemed very complicated but as I got into the research I found it very interesting and practical. The work seemed to flow. It is necessary to have a M.A. to teach in any university in Seoul, but an M.A. TESOL is very prestigious.".

"I strongly recommend the London Teaching Centre to any ESL teacher or anyone is thinking of becoming an ESL teacher".
Bill Speeroff

"I wanted to compliment LTTC on the excellent diploma program you offer on the web. It is a lot of work but well worth the effort. I have had a chance to compare your course to one of your competitor's and believe me your course is far superior. The competitor's course consisted of 25 pages of material and only briefly covered all the subject matter that you covered on your course. If a person is serious about becoming a knowledgeable and effective English language teacher I would highly recommend the LTTC course."
W.D. Canada.

"Thank you for all your efforts and help to me-you made it all easy to learn"
Letitia, Berne

"I didn't know I could learn so much so soon...I am now ready to teach"
Aronne, Rovigo in Italy

"It is hard work but worth it in the end....I have now so much confidence in my ability to be a teacher"
Martha, Santander Northern Spain

"I thought at first I couldn't make it, but with your help and kindness I have been successful"
Hiroko, Sapporo in Japan

"there was so much to learn but it was all so interesting -a big thank you to you all"
Alberto, Lima in Peru

"great stuff... I now feel fully equipped to start teaching"
Stan, Perth, Australia

"the phonology was quite a challenge but I got there in the end"
Lydia from Toulouse France

" I can say I have tried out some of the lessons with my students and they work!"
Kathy, Dublin Ireland

"I really enjoyed all the grammar lessons .. I had no idea there was so much to learn ... you made it so easy for me"
Luke from Athens, Greece

"a worthwhile investment.... excellent value for money"
Cathy Lee, Hong Kong

"your comments on my essays were helpful and encouraging... I have learned so much on your course"
Ben, San Paulo Brazil

Wednesday, 13 November 2013 14:25

Why Choose LTTC?

When making a decision about your education and your future, obviously you need to be absolutely sure you have chosen the best option for you personally. It can be extremely confusing when you first start researching courses and institutions as there are so many on offer especially in the world of TEFL/TESOL.

So where should you begin? A lot will depend on what you intend to do and where you would like to go. You have to take your own personal situation into account including any restrictions, financial and time wise. Are you looking for a short term job abroad, maybe on a gap year or are you searching for a complete life change and intend to teach as a new career long term either in the UK or abroad. Perhaps you are a non native speaker who would like to start a new job or who needs to get some recognised qualifications to progress up the career ladder. Whoever you are and whatever your circumstances, the London Teacher Training College will have the right course for you.

A few facts about LTTC

  • We have been training teachers of EFL since 1984 and have helped many thousands of teachers gain a qualification from all corners of the globe
  • We are one of the largest and longest established course providers
  • We were the first organisation to offer TEFL/TESOL by distance learning in the UK
  • We offer the widest range of courses by distance/online mode and also in the classroom via our partner schools both in the UK and worldwide
  • Our courses are officially endorsed and recognised worldwide by an OFQUAL approved accreditation body, TQUK
  • Due to the fact that our students come from all corners of the globe we take into account different time zones
  • Accordingly, our student support is second to none and you can contact us 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. What other institution can make this claim?

Why choose the LTTC?

Wednesday, 13 November 2013 13:12

Accreditation and Affiliation

Training Qualifications UK

TQUK Centre Number: 170926

LTTC was the first TEFL Training Institution to become an officially approved TQUK centre entitled to offer its qualifications. 


Training Qualifications UK (TQUK) is OFQUAL Approved. TQUK is recognised as an awarding body by Ofqual and they provide qualifications that sit on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). TQUK courses are recognised by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation, England (Ofqual), the Department for Children, Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills and the Welsh Government.
What does this mean for you? It means that if you have a TQUK qualification then you are obtaining a valuable qualification that is nationally and internationally recognised.


Provider No: 1003 2730
The UK Register of Learning Providers is a 'one-stop' portal to be used by government departments, agencies, learners and employers to share key information about learning providers.

Visit Website



Wednesday, 23 October 2013 14:28

LTTC Franchise Opportunity

There are two basic pathways to becoming an LTTC Partner School - one for established companies who want to offer and run our programmes in their own institution on a classroom basis,and the second for individuals who would like to offer shorter, taster courses over a few days.

For Institutions

If you are an established institution which would like to hold our courses, the procedure is simple:

Submit the Franchise Enquiry Form giving us your details and your projected plans. We will then consider your application and answer within 24 hours.

For Individuals

Become a Teacher Trainer

Run our one or two day course programmes in teaching English!

This is a unique chance to break into teacher training and to launch a new or supplementary career.

LTTC are pleased to be able to offer suitably qualified teachers an opportunity to share in the success it has had in training many thousands of teachers since 1984- who have gone on to teach at schools, colleges and universities in every corner of the globe

We are making available a number of franchises that will allow the licensee to run our one or two day courses in their own location as often as they wish and at whatever course fee they decide on.

What does it cost?

There are three main costs in becoming an LTTC franchisee:

  1. A one off licence fee of £3000.
  2. Registration + electronic certificate fee for each student onto your course/s.; £5 per student on one day course and £10 per student on two day courses. Hard copy awards are available at a fee of £15 per student + postage.
  3. Expenses will be incurred by you for photocopying, hire of venue, publicity, postage etc

How it works

You take the plunge and become an LTTC franchisee. . .

Running a LTTC Preliminary Certificate in TEFL couldn’t be simpler.

After studying the course content, suggested timetables and course materials, you plan your one or two day course programme. You have access to an advisor during this stage.

You decide on your venue and dates. Your venue could be anywhere from a room in your house to a church hall or hotel etc.

You must also consider the fees you will charge your students taking into consideration the registration fee you must pay to LTTC.

You advise us of your dates and venue in order for us to publicise on our web site.

You then arrange your own local advertising of your course. (Our handbook is full of useful information and includes numerous suggestions as to how you can advertise your course/s locally free of charge or at low cost.)

You run your course. . . .

Within one week of running your course, you must register your students with LTTC and send your registration fee. We will send by return the certificates to you for you to pass on to your students.

If any of your students enrol on an LTTC online course programme within two months of attending your course, you will earn a commission and your students will receive a discount on their course fees.

What is included?

  • License to run LTTC weekend courses along with use of our logo and official certificate of affiliation for display at your centre.
  • Course materials including worksheets and course outlines
  • Use of our name and logo in your publicity
  • Registration of students on the Preliminary Certificate in TEFL weekend courses.
  • Inclusion on our web site of your course dates, location and contact details.
  • Support and guidance from our experienced trainers.
  • LTTC handbook for teacher trainers.
  • A certificate for each student. The Preliminary Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign language
  • The right to re distribute our Preliminary Certificate in TEFL to your successful students
  • The franchise is without time limit and will not lapse
  • Opportunity to earn further commission on enrolments to LTTC courses
  • Discounts to your students for enrolment onto LTTC courses.

A program outline will be included in the franchise along with course materials and full support and guidance where required from our own team of experienced tutors.

We will also provide a certificate to each student who attends the one or two day course. The certificate will be embossed with the college seal carrying the college coat of arms.

If you are interested and want to know more, please contact us.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013 14:25

TEFL Courses in Uruguay

I am sorry, we don't currently have any partner schools in Urguay. Why not study TEFL online with us instead? You can achieve the same qualification, have access to an online tutor and study at your own pace. Further information can be found here.

If you're interested in becoming a partner school, please visit this page.

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