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JEDDAH – Master English, an affiliated teacher training institute of London Teacher Training College, offers convenient learning programs for learners willing to learn the English language.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s leading test of English for higher education, employment, immigration, among others. Master English offers IELTS preparation, courses in business English and letter writing, academic research writing workshops, conversation classes, standard English level classes (UK-format), TEFL tasters, and two-day workshops for new teachers are also held at schools/universities/hotels.

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TEFL Courses in Bulgaria

Wizard Language Centre


Tissoukai Azzedine
Wizard Language Centre
ul. Georgi Rakovski 21
Stara Zagora 6000
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Contact Details

Tel : 359887275333

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What is included in your course?

Your course will include everything that you will need to master your chosen subject. Course materials are written to the highest standard and advice is always available from your tutor.

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Training Qualifications UK

TQUK Approved Centre

LTTC is an officially approved TQUK centre and offer the courses below which come under the endorsed provision. We were the FIRST approved provider of TEFL qualifications and have taken the lead in offering high quality course programmes for teacher training.

“TQUK is pleased to be working with LTTC to endorse their courses and assure their quality standards. TQUK have robust quality assurance systems and procedures in place and we look forward to working with LTTC in maintaining their course standards” TQUK Head Office

Endorsed Courses


Ofqual Regulated Qualifications


What is TQUK?

TQUK is an Awarding Organisation recognised by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) and the Welsh Government.

TQUK offers qualifications on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). Qualifications regulated by Ofqual are listed on the Register of Regulated Qualifications :

TQUK aim to provide qualifications that meet the needs of industry that are designed by leading professionals and delivered to centres and learners with integrity and compliance in mind. To accompany the qualification, TQUK provide centres with world class customer service to support in the delivery of the qualifications.

Please visit their website here:

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Join as an Institution

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Join as an Individual

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Apply to be an LTTC Partner School


Download an application form HERE


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Contact Us

Inside UK : 0208 133 2027
Int'l: +44 208 133 2027
Address : LTTC, 60 Windsor Avenue, London SW19 2RR

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Become a Partner School

LTTC Crest

LTTC offer a franchise opportunity to become a successful partner school, teaching LTTC TEFL courses

and providing students with internationally recognised qualifications.

For Institutions

For established companies who want to offer and run our programmes in their own institution, on a classroom basis.

If you are an established institution which would like to hold our courses, the procedure is simple:

Submit the Franchise Enquiry Form giving us your details and your projected plans. We will then consider your application and answer within 24 hours.

What does it cost?

There are three main costs in becoming an LTTC franchisee:

  1. A one off licence fee of £3000.
  2. Registration +  certificate fee for each student onto your course/s.
  3. Expenses will be incurred by you for photocopying, hire of venue, publicity, postage etc

How it works

You take the plunge and become an LTTC franchisee. . .

We supply you with the course materials which have been designed for distance learning. You will need to transfer these into classroom face to face sessions. You may add materials as suitable for your students and location but you must cover 95% minimum of the syllabus contained in our programme.

You will receive a certificate of affiliation and an agreement signed by both parties.

Running a LTTC  course programme.

After studying the course content, suggested timetables and course materials, you and/or your tutors plan your course programme. You have access to an advisor during this stage.

You decide on your venue and dates. 

You must also consider the fees you will charge your students taking into consideration the registration fee you must pay to LTTC.

You advise us of your dates and venue in order for us to publicise on our web site.

You then arrange your own local advertising of your course.

You run your course. . . .

Within one week of running your course, you must register your students with LTTC and send your registration fee.

Please note:  All students' work must be copied and sent to LTTC for moderation. This is a requirement of our accreditation body TQUK.

We will send by return the certificates to you for you to pass on to your students once they have successfuly passed the course. 

If any of your students enrol on an LTTC online course programme within two months of attending your course, you will earn a commission and your students will receive a discount on their course fees.

What is included?

  • License to run LTTC  courses along with use of our logo and official certificate of affiliation for display at your centre.
  • Course materials 
  • Use of our name and logo in your publicity of our courses.
  • Registration of students on  courses.
  • Inclusion on our web site of your course dates, location and contact details.
  • Support and guidance from our experienced trainers.
  • LTTC handbook for teacher trainers.
  • A certificate for each student. 
  • The right to re distribute our course materials to your successful students
  • The franchise is without time limit and will not lapse
  • Opportunity to earn further commission on enrolments to LTTC courses
  • Discounts to your students for enrolment onto LTTC courses.

A programme outline will be included in the franchise along with course materials and full support and guidance where required from our own team of experienced tutors.

We will also provide a certificate to each student who attends.. The certificate will be embossed with the college seal carrying the college coat of arms.

To apply, download our Franchise Application Form (PDF / Adobe Reader format). Complete,scan and return it attached to an email to

or post to our address at LTTC, 60 Windsor Avenue, London. SW19 2RR.

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Teach English DVD

Teach English TEFL DVDThis DVD shows eight professional Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) teaching a variety of skills to their students. You observe the successful methods the experts use to introduce and practise new language and how they make their lessons entertaining as well as instructive. By watching the lessons and following the explanations in the accompanying booklet you will soon be able to introduce the proven techniques into your own teaching practice.

The filming of authentic students taught by a group of dynamic teachers gives the video an animated, spontaneous ‘feel’ which makes you keen to try the ideas out yourself.

The students taking part are young adults of mixed nationalities and they are of intermediate level. However the methods shown are useful at all levels and you can easily adapt them for most age groups, both in the classroom and for individual tuition.

Your Teach-English course in more detail :

  1. Vocabulary

    The tutors demonstrate to you a variety of ways of presenting new words. They check meaning, correct pronunciation and intonation at each stage. You learn how to use mime and visual aids, how to teach abstract terms, how to build dialogues and introduce communication activities.

  2. Story Telling

    Using stories is very effective in teaching the language. This unit shows how you can teach without speaking. The students do all the talking – after all, they're the ones who need the practice. You learn the way to use mime and gestures to encourage vocal responses from your pupils, how to use pictures, sound effects and cue-cards to inspire story-telling.

  3. Presenting and Practising a Structure (Grammar)

    A superbly taught lesson showing you the clear, stage-by-stage way to introduce and practise a new structure, in this case the tense known as the Present Perfect, "He has been to France".

    The teacher keeps tight control over the language, places it in context and gradually leads the class through a series of exercises and practices towards a ‘freer’ stage where they begin to use the structure with confidence.

  4. Communication Activities

    Here you see how different games can be used to stimulate language acquisition. Students are encouraged to take risks and try out the language they already know.

    It doesn't matter if they make mistakes; it's the communication that counts. These creative communication activities are motivating and confidence-building.

  5. Error Correction

    You watch short extracts from different lessons where spoken errors are corrected on the spot. You learn when to correct and how to do it, how to indicate to the student that he has made a mistake, how to locate the error, show what kind of error it is, correct the error and practise the correction and all in a friendly, constructive way. To purchase click here.

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