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The London Teacher Training College does not provide advice. These pages therefore contain general information only.

We have made all reasonable efforts to give you accurate information. The facts stated are our honest opinion and any facts given are true to the best of our knowledge and belief. However, before taking any step important to you, you should rely wholly on your own enquiries and take advice where appropriate. We rely on providers and suppliers to provide and produce this information to us and on them for updating and constant supply to us. We also rely on carriers to comply with our requests.

We do not endorse or approve any particular item or course. We will not have liability in connection with:

  • Any third party item
  • Any delay in provision of such item

We make no warranty or representation about:

  • Anything contained on this site
  • Time of supply
  • Fitness for purpose

You are responsible for choosing the appropriate course/product for your needs.

We will be liable for any loss or injury caused by our negligence:

  • Up to a maximum liability of the amount paid to us under the relevant contract
  • Provided such loss is notified to us in writing within 14 days of such loss, but not otherwise, unless that is excluded by law when we will exclude liability up to the extent allowed.

This Disclaimer forms part of the terms of our contract with you. For our further and fuller terms please read Terms & Conditions.

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If you find a link that could be useful to the students of LTTC, please contact us.

Teachers' Resources

Free English Video Lessons - for teachers and students.

Course Directories

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You can now study on the move!

Study whenever and wherever you want — whether you are on the go, at home or at work, LTTC’s learning platform brings your course and personal tutor directly to you — wherever you are in the world.

Whichever programme you choose to study, you can access the entire syllabus online — and you can access it around the clock.

So now, as well as being able to follow your course on your desk top or laptop, you can now access your complete course on the bus , train , on the beach, in fact anywhere at any time using your Smart Phone or Tablet.

Al-Hamra HotelFor the first time in Jeddah, London Teacher Training College (LTTC) and Master English organized a two-day TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) workshop for English teachers in Sofitel Al-Hamra hotel in Al-Fursan meeting hall.

Sponsored by Curves (the leading US women’s health fitness centre), the event was attended by 40 English teachers from various international schools and universities, who successfully completed the 15-hour program.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014 13:45

Working Overseas: Doing the continental

Are we making the most of the right to live and work wherever we please within the EU?
Kate Hilpern reports.

If the trend for TV programmes about relocating abroad is anything to go by, there must be a flood of Brits upping sticks for the Continent. The reality is, however, that just two per cent of Europeans work in an EU country other than their country of origin.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014 12:58

What is distance learning?

Distance learning, as the name implies, is education which can be obtained at a distance from a physical location of the campus of the school, training centre, college or university. This can be through various types of remote delivery methods such as postal correspondence, phone or modern technology through the internet or “E learning or Online learning”. Anyone who is interested in getting a worthwhile qualification, but simply doesn’t have the time for a regular commitment to scheduled classes, will benefit from distance learning – the flexible way to improve your career prospects.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014 15:44

Code of Practice

Our code of practice serves to promote the highest standards of excellence within the profession and to safeguard the interests of students, teachers and employees.

All LTTC members agree to the following

  1. To work selflessly to promote the highest possible standards of service and quality assurance at all times
  2. To conduct themselves in a manner that best promotes the interests of their staff and students at all times
  3. To refrain from any actions that might cause themselves or the college to be brought into disrepute
  4. To respect the rights, aspirations and beliefs of others regardless of age, gender, religion, class, colour, creed or sexual orientation and to actively promote equal opportunities for all
  5. To conduct themselves fully within the law of their country of jurisdiction
  6. To ensure strict confidentiality of personal information in according with the above
  7. To maintain cordial relations with all aspects of the media to ensure the integrity of the profession is maintained
  8. Not to undertake any action detrimental to students, staff, competitors or others within the profession
  9. To refrain from public criticism of other professionals and organisation
  10. To avoid making misleading or untrue statements and claims in their advertising
  11. To clearly publish their terms and conditions and policies regarding appeals and refunds etc
  12. To have a complaints procedure in place that is fair and justifiable
  13. To make the public fully aware of their terms and conditions and policies regarding appeals, refunds, etc
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LTTC Membership

The London Teacher Training College offer two types of membership, 1) Individual Membership, for students and teachers, and 2) Institutional Membership for organisations.

1. Individual Membership

As an Individual Member, you will receive:

  • Use of the title Member of The London Teacher Training College - MLTTC or Fellow of the London Teacher Training College - FLTTC
  • Membership of a well established organization that has been training teachers both by distance mode and in the classroom since 1984

There are two levels of individual membership:

a. Full Membership

Yearly membership: £30

This is open to all practising TEFL/TESOL teachers and to those training to become a teacher.



Apply for Full Membersip >>

b. Fellowship

Yearly membership: £50

To become a fellow of LTTC at least oneof the criteria below must be met.

  • A minimum of ten years working experience within the profession of which five should be at the level of teacher training or director of studies or
  • Be able to demonstrate a valid contribution to the profession through means of publications or similar achievement
Apply for Fellowship >>

2. Institutional Membership

This is open to all organizations involved in the fields of TEFL/TESOL/ESL/ESOL including school, colleges and universities, as well as training organizations worldwide.

Each institutional member is required to sign an agreement of acceptance and adhere to the College Code of Practice and to avoid any actions likely to bring themselves and /or LTTC into disrepute.

Approved Institutional members may state within their advertising that they are members of the college.

Institutional membership may be withdrawn without notice at any time should be member be found to be in breach of the above.

Apply for Institutional Membersip>>

Yearly membership: £100

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Scholarships & Course Packages


A limited number of scholarships are available towards payment of tuition fees for Post Graduate course programmes. Please contact us for further information.

Course Packages

It's possible to combine one course with another. There is a 15% discount for certain combined courses which is at the discretion of LTTC.
Please email us at for your discount code and further information.

  • Discounts must be applied for at the time of enrolment and payment. They cannot be backdated under any circumstances.
  • Discounts only apply to individual courses where fees are £100 or more i.e each course must have fees of more than £100.

Students receive two separate qualifications upon successful completion.

  • Diploma in TESOL and TEYLT
    Seperate cost: £550
    With 15% discount: £467.50
  • Diploma in TESOL and TBE
    Seperate cost: £560
    With 15% discount: £ 476
  • Certificate in TEFL (60 hours ) and TEYLT
    Seperate cost: £400
    With 15% discount: £340
  • Certificate in TEFL (60 hours ) and TBE
    Seperate cost: £410
    With 15% discount: £348.50
  • Certificate in TEFL(120 hours) and TEYLT
    Seperate cost: £510
    With 15% discount: £433.50
  • Certificate in TEFL(120 hours) and TBE
    Seperate cost: £520
    With 15% discount: £422

If there is a course combination that you are interested in doing that is not listed above, please contact us to ask for available discounts.

Monday, 24 February 2014 18:53

Fees and Funding

Please read our Terms & Conditions as enrolment onto one of our courses is seen as acceptance of these terms.

Reduced Fees

Discounts must be applied for at the time of enrolment and payment. They cannot be backdated under any circumstances.

10% Reduction

for those on unemployment benefit or with student status.

To Apply for Discount Code:-


Please attach proof of benefits or student status for 10% reduction. Please note: All discounts are exclusive.

Discounts must be applied for at the time of enrolment and payment. They cannot be backdated under any circumstances

15% Reduction

  • on two or more courses
  • two or more people enrol at the same time
  • This only applies to courses where fees are £100 or more.

To Apply for Discount Code:-


Please note: All discounts are exclusive.

Discounts must be applied for at the time of enrolment and payment. They cannot be backdated under any circumstances

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