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Code of Practice

Our code of practice serves to promote the highest standards of excellence within the profession and to safeguard the interests of students, teachers and employees.

All LTTC members agree to the following

  1. To work selflessly to promote the highest possible standards of service and quality assurance at all times
  2. To conduct themselves in a manner that best promotes the interests of their staff and students at all times
  3. To refrain from any actions that might cause themselves or the college to be brought into disrepute
  4. To respect the rights, aspirations and beliefs of others regardless of age, gender, religion, class, colour, creed or sexual orientation and to actively promote equal opportunities for all
  5. To conduct themselves fully within the law of their country of jurisdiction
  6. To ensure strict confidentiality of personal information in according with the above
  7. To maintain cordial relations with all aspects of the media to ensure the integrity of the profession is maintained
  8. Not to undertake any action detrimental to students, staff, competitors or others within the profession
  9. To refrain from public criticism of other professionals and organisation
  10. To avoid making misleading or untrue statements and claims in their advertising
  11. To clearly publish their terms and conditions and policies regarding appeals and refunds etc
  12. To have a complaints procedure in place that is fair and justifiable
  13. To make the public fully aware of their terms and conditions and policies regarding appeals, refunds, etc
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