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1. Why Choose A Career in TEFL?

The beauty of becoming an EFL teacher is that people from all ages and all backgrounds can find a suitable teaching post.

Here at the London Teacher Training College, we have trained and seen native and non native speakers of English, from 16 year old sixth formers to retired headmasters, ex-pats, lorry drivers, Oxbridge graduates, gap year students, unemployed, the list goes on and on....

It is a career literally open to anyone from anywhere of any age and background. Having a disability is often not a barrier to teaching English depending on circumstances.

You can teach in a language school, college, University ,privately, from home, online through your computer, one to one, business English, adults and children, full time, part time and seasonal, whether in the UK, your home country or virtually anywhere in the world.
When considering a career in TEFL, a few keys points immediately spring to mind.

  • Recession proof career – the demand for efl teachers is ever-expanding and is forecast to continue indefinitely
  • Full or part time teaching
  • Freelance or employee
  • UK or anywhere in the world
  • Short or long term
  • A job or a career – you choose!
  • A second career – a new lease of life and a change in direction
  • For some an opportunity to live and work in the country of their dreams
  • There are more jobs than teachers globally
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